Turkey Private Detective

Turkey Private Detective service history started in early 1995. However, the establishment of the first detective agency in America took place in 1849. In Europe, there are private detective offices established earlier.

Zabata Private Detective Agency, which has the privilege of being the first private detective agency in Turkey, inspires many newly established private detective companies. Zabata Detective Agency differs from its competitors with its service quality, state-of-the-art equipment, and expert detective team. Currently, around 100 private detectives are working in Zabata Detective Agency, who have all the necessary training certificates and licenses related to the department they work in.

What Do Private Detectives Do?

Sometimes, you may need a private detective for some work and research activities. You can request help from a private detective for issues that you cannot even share with your closest relatives. The most important reason for you to want to work with private detectives in such cases is the information you share and your confidence that the work to be carried out on your behalf will be kept confidential.

Thanks to the private detectives, the necessary evidence for the conclusion of many unresolved cases has been gathered and brought to a conclusion. In addition to researching and collecting data on the subjects you need, private detectives can also give you an idea about the path to follow and the steps you need to take with their knowledge on legal issues. Thus, you protect yourself from unintentionally taking illegal action.

Turkey Private Detective

What is the Scope of  Turkey Private Detective Services?

Zabata Private Detective Agency provides services in a wide range of fields thanks to over 25 years of knowledge, domestic and international connections, and resources. It is not possible to list all the services we offer, we can list the most requested private detective services as follows;

  • Pre-Marriage Investigation private detective service before marriage,
  • Making Product Brand Patent Research for your companies,
  • Land Real Estate Fraud Investigation,
  • Investigation of Possible Insurance Frauds,
  • Retirement Status Investigation,
  • Insect Search Service,
  • Stolen Item Investigation for your stolen items,
  • Missing Person Finding private detective service,
  • Making Company Research and General Analysis,
  • Conducting Country General Conjuncture Research,
  • Investigation of Fraud Incidents,
  • Asset Survey,
  • Private Security Service,
  • Close Protection – Bodyguard Service,

As we mentioned above, these are just some of the private detective services we offer. Zabata Private Detective Agency is more than just a private detective company conducting local operations, Zabata Private Detective Agency has the necessary resources, field office, staff, and contacts to conduct private detective services all over the world.

In addition, the private detectives working within the body are assigned on a departmental basis, thereby enabling them to specialize in the relevant field. Zabata Private Detective Agency uses state-of-the-art equipment in all private detective services it conducts.

For all the private investigation and detective services, you may need, you can get information by contacting Zabata Consulting, a brand of Turkey Private Detective.

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