Trade Mark Investigation

Product Brand-Patent Research- Trade Mark Investigation is the most accurate process to ensure the safety of your product brands and patents that you have created by spending large R&D expenditures, long working hours, and efforts.

Your company, which you have brought to a certain position with great effort and effort, your products and services that belong to your company and that you produce as a result of great R&D studies define your place in the sector and are your face in the market to your customers.

Do you take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the valuable products, services, and brands that you have created by spending so many resources and time?

Becoming a well-known company in the market and having a brand value recognized by all your customers is the most important stage of marketing activity for all companies. Your company’s logo, slogan, name, services, products, and sound signs that define your company create your corporate image, which will distinguish your company from other competitors in your sector.

If your business, as stated above, distinguishes your brand and the products and services offered from your competitors, it will enable your customers to recognize your brand through these specific signs and remain loyal to your business. In this way, you will have a great advantage over your competitors.

Over time, your brand becomes the most valuable thing in your business as it is recognized by your customers. As the value of your brand in the market increases, your credibility in banks increases. You can even use it to negotiate with financial institutions to obtain financing.

Trade Mark Investigation

Your Trade Patents Are the Face of  Your Brand on the Market

Your brand, which your company has created as a result of great efforts, and the services you produce or offer under your brand are of great importance for the sales you will make in the market. The patents you have registered in the name of your company constitute an important part of your brand and provide you with privileged rights for the production and sale of these products and services.

The concept of a trademark can include many details such as logos, products, and services, slogans, words, and letters. If you do not protect your trademarks and products by registering them, your competitors may confuse your customers by using content similar to your brand. So, you may lose income, and your brand value may be damaged.

Why is Product Brand-Patent Research- Trade Mark Investigation Necessary?

You have a document stating that the brand belongs to your business, so you have the privileged right of use for the use this brand.

Your trademark, which you have registered, provides you with a 10-year privileged usage right in Turkey. In addition, it gives the right to extend the registration period at the end of the registration period.

It prevents your imitative competitors, who may try to usurp your market share, from using your company’s brand, slogan, and visuals. Zabata private detective is the most successful firm in detecting such violations.

It allows you to detect and prevent trademark violations. It helps you license a brand to become known in your industry.

Services We Offer

As Zabata Consultancy Services, we can summarize the services we offer within the scope of Product Brand-Patent Research studies as follows;

  • Making and tracking the registration applications of your Trademark Registration and Patents,
  • Following the registration periods of your registered trademarks and taking necessary actions for renewal
  • Informing the company by following the official regulation changes on Trademark and Patent transactions and the fees to be paid
  • Detection of infringement and counterfeit products regarding your Product Brands and Patents
  • Initiation and follow-up of necessary actions to eliminate trademark infringement.
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