Stolen Goods Research Turkey

Stolen Goods Research Turkey

Thanks to the private detective services provided since 1995, Zabata Detective Agency has become the leading company in the sector and has also specialized in Stolen Goods Research Turkey and has many successful cases in finding items of high material or moral value.

Have you been a victim of theft during your business trip in Turkey, at your accommodation, or in your home where you feel safest, and do you want to get your belongings back, which are of high material or moral value to you? The first thing that will come to many people’s minds when faced with such a situation is probably to call the police.

There is a better alternative method to get your items of high material or moral value back. You may look for a private detective who will devote all of his time to your file and who can work with you to find your belongings.

Firstly, do not panic when you have been a victim of such an unfortunate theft. There is always a possibility to find your stolen goods.

In case of such a situation, we can summarize what you should do as follows;

Protect the Crime Scene for Stolen Goods Research Turkey

From the first moment you suspect that you have been a victim of theft, you should not touch anything in the theft scene area. In addition, you should not allow anyone to enter the crime scene until the Crime Scene Investigation team arrives. So, the crime scene investigators can carry out the investigation properly.

Additionally, You should not change the place of anything in the crime scene. So, our crime scene investigators can conduct a healthy investigation, collect clues about how the incident occurred, and prepare detailed reports.

Stolen Goods Research Turkey

Are there any signs of forced entry where the theft took place?

Firstly, our crime scene investigators will check if there is a forced entry sign where the theft occurred. Sometimes, an unlocked door that is left open because of simple negligence may also cause you to become a victim of theft.

You may see many videos on social media which show how to open an unlocked steel door in 3-5 seconds.

Help Stolen Goods Research Turkey by Identifying Your Stolen Items!

While our crime scene investigators examine the crime scene for you, guide them, and indicate your stolen valuables. Together with our crime scene investigators, create a list of all your stolen items with current images, if any, their visuals, if not, with detailed descriptions.

You should create a detailed list of your stolen goods. This step is required to determine the damage. Also, It is good to create a list of your goods covered by the insurance.

Do You Have Any Doubts About Who Bought It?

In the light of the information given by our Crime Scene Investigation experts, try to create a list of possible suspects by evaluating whether there was a forced entry, list of stolen items, who knows about the existence of these items and their locations.

Zabata private detective services initiate the necessary investigations based on the detailed report prepared by our crime scene investigators and the list of stolen goods and possible suspects we obtained from you. After then, you can report to the police with necessary evidence about your stolen goods.

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