Trade Mark Investigation Turkey

Our private detective agency, which is the first company that comes to mind when it comes to Trade Mark Investigation Turkey, is always with you to protect the brands, and patents that you have created by using your precious time and resources.

Are your trademarks and patents, the indicator of your position in the sector in which you operate and your face recognized by your customers, safe enough? It is very important to follow up and protect your products, brands, and patents, which your company has created with long work, great resources, and knowledge, in the process after production. Otherwise, labor thieves who copy your labor with cheaper imitations may not only steal from your income but also damage the reliability of your products, brands, and patents in the market.

Being a well-known company in the sector in which you operate and having a well-known brand value by your customers is a very important stage of the activities of all manufacturing companies. Being a known company in the market and having a brand value recognized by all your customers is the most important stage of marketing activity for all companies. The logo, company slogan, product name, services offered, and sound signs that represent your company’s products form your corporate identity that will distinguish your company from other competitors in the market.

If your company, products, and brand differentiate you from your competitors as mentioned above, this will enable your customers to recognize your product and brand through signs that are unique to you. In this way, your customers will remain loyal to your products. This will give your company a great advantage over your competitors.

Trade Mark Investigation Turkey

Is Trade Mark Investigation Turkey Required?

First of all, to claim that a brand belongs to your company, you must have that brand registered on behalf of your business and you must be able to prove it with a document. When you register your brand, provided that it meets the necessary conditions, you have the right of privileged use for 10 years. It is also possible to extend your trademark registration period at the end of this period.

In this way, you can protect the products and brands that you have created by spending great resources, effort, and time on your competitors who try to imitate them. In case of unauthorized use of your company’s brand, logo, information, and images of your products, you can detect trademark infringement and file a complaint with the relevant authorities.

Our Private Detective office has the knowledge and experienced team gained over many years in the detection of unfair violations carried out in this way. Our detective agency is the most successful company that comes to mind in detecting trademark violations.

Our private detective employees working in our private detective agency provide the following services for the detection of trademark violations;

  • Making your registration and patent application procedures,
  • Follow-up and renewal of your registered patents,
  • Informing the registration owner to follow the official legislation and take the necessary actions,
  • Detection of patent infringement and forgery,
  • In case of detection of patent infringement, taking necessary actions to eliminate the infringement.