Real Estate Research Turkey

The dream of many employees is to increase their savings and become comfortable in their retirement life. There are many alternatives as an investment tool. One of the investment tools is real estate investment. Real estate investment is an advantageous form of investment in the medium and long term. The most important thing for those who want to invest in real estate in Turkey is to have a Real Estate Research Turkey done.

Regardless of how you made your savings, everyone’s goal will be to increase their savings. Although investing in real estate is a lucrative alternative, actually brings many risks with it. Considering that you are not experienced in real estate buying and selling, you may be the target of many people who may want to defraud you.

There are many details you need to examine and decide on before buying a real estate to invest in. Considering that you are inexperienced in real estate investment, it is highly likely that you will miss a detail during the purchase process. During a real estate purchase, many bureaucratic procedures must be carried out in official institutions.

Real Estate Research Turkey

Land Real Estate Research Turkey Stages

Regardless of the type of real estate, you plan to invest in, the first thing we will do is to make a price assessment for the real estate you plan to buy. In this way, you can find out whether you are paying more than the market value for the real estate or whether you are buying it at the right price.

The action to be taken after the price evaluation is to obtain the official title deed records for the real estate to be purchased and to determine whether there is a mortgage or annotation on it. In the light of this information, you can find out whether the real estate you plan to buy is suitable for sale. In addition, when you examine the data in the title deed records, you can see whether the people, who sell to you, are authorized to sell this real estate.

If the real estate you are planning to buy is a residence, we examine the municipality records in the place where it is located and examine whether the residence was built following the legislation in force, and present you a report on this matter. In this way, you will not have any problems with the municipality in the future.

The last step of the work we will do on your behalf is to determine the condition of the real estate you are planning to buy and to examine whether it requires modification and maintenance. In this way, you can see how much you need to spend after the purchase.

You can make the final decision on investment by examining the detailed real estate investment consultancy report that our expert teams will prepare as a result of their work on your behalf. We are with you at all times with our expert teams for all your investment advisory needs in Turkey.