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As Private Investigator Izmir Turkey agency, we have been providing private detective services since 1995. As a private detective company, we have more than 27 years of experience. We have the title of being the first company that comes to mind when Private Investigator Izmir Turkey is mentioned, thanks to the experience we have gained in private detective services, the thousands of files we have brought to a conclusion, and our 100% customer satisfaction rate.

The scope of services offered can vary greatly when it comes to private detective services. We can summarize some of the services we offer as follows;

  • Follow-up of spouses and lovers in cases of possible cheating,
  • Collecting evidence to support the resolution of your cases,
  • Finding and addressing missing or escaping persons,
  • Evidence collection for your divorce and custody cases,
  • Pre-marital research studies to be carried out before the decision to marry,
  • To be followed for the safety of your precious children you love,
  • Institutional and commercial research before major agreements and partnerships,
  • Investigation for your Execution and Inheritance cases.

Private Investigator Izmir Turkey

Considerations When Choosing a Private Investigator Izmir Turkey

With the developing technology and the fact that the internet is now accessible from every device, many scammers trying to turn this situation into an opportunity have started broadcasting that they offer private detective services by establishing a website. For this reason, many people come across these fraudsters and become victims while trying to get private detective services.

Such fraudsters can not do private detective services, and they can even cause irreparable situations by distracting you. They can even turn your advantages into a disadvantage by leaking information to the other party.

The danger you will encounter while trying to get private detective services is not limited to this, and you may be in the position of instigator in the crimes that will occur due to the unlawful actions of these people. In order not to encounter such unpleasant situations, you should choose carefully when deciding to get a private detective service.

For this reason, when you decide to get a private detective service, you should visit the companies that will offer you private detective services in their offices. You should make sure that you have an official addressee by requesting tax plates, company records, and activity documents from the companies that you will receive private detective services.

How Much Private Detective Fee Will I Pay?

Private detective fees are the issue that comes to mind for everyone who plans to get private detective services. Private detective service is not a service based on a standard tariff. The scope and difficulty of the service to be provided, the number of private detectives to be employed and the completion time of the work are important factors in determining the private detective fee. For this reason, it is mostly charged as man/hour.

Please contact our company to get the best quality private detective service in Turkey and to get detailed information about private detective fees. As Private Investigator Izmir Turkey, we are always with you for all your private detective needs.