Insurance Claims Investigations Turkey

In general, the insurance system is a system established to compensate you, your loved ones, your vehicles, or your immovables in risky situations that may occur in your life. The purpose of the establishment of the system is to compensate your losses in return for low prices. It can be described as a good opportunity for well-intentioned people. However, cases, where malicious people abuse the insurance system and gain an unfair advantage, are also frequently encountered. Since its establishment in 1995, our private detective agency has also resolved numerous files on insurance investigations and is the first company that comes to mind when Insurance Claims Investigations Turkey is mentioned.

Global Insurance Frauds

According to the research, although the number is increasing day by day, the annual average of real estate insurance frauds reached 35 billion dollars in the five years between 2010 and 2015. In 2019, fraud cases regarding health insurance alone reached the level of 350 billion dollars. As can be seen from these examples, this situation necessitated a more rigorous examination of insurance claims.

Insurance Claims Investigations Turkey

When you think of fraud through insurance compensation claims, many examples may come to your mind, from a fake vehicle accident to fake injury and treatment claims. Insurance detectives step in at this point and work to detect such fraudulent activities. All claims for compensation due to malicious people should be examined and dealt with in detail.

Insurance Claims Investigations Turkey

Our Insurance Claims Investigations Turkey Services Privileges

Our private detective agency has been providing private detective services in many areas with more than 27 years of experience since its establishment in 1995. In this process, it has also specialized in the field and created its departments, and employed experts in every field. In this way, we can provide the highest quality and best service with 100% customer satisfaction in all private detective services we offer.

For the private detective services we offer, we meet face-to-face with all our customers and offer a detailed private detective service contract. In addition to the content, duration, and cost of the work to be done under this contract, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee in case of customer dissatisfaction. An indication of our confidence in the quality of private detective service we offer is our money-back guarantee.

What Do Insurance Detectives Do?

  • Checks whether there is a certain routine by examining the past claims of the person requesting insurance compensation,
  • Examines the issues that may be considered suspicious, such as excessively exaggerated repair costs, by examining the submitted documents,
  • Uses special software to examine the relevant application and the applicant by making use of the possibilities of technology,
  • It detects suspicious situations by making a social media review of people who claim insurance compensation.