Detective Agencies Turkey

Our private detective agency was established in Istanbul Gayrettepe as Turkey’s first private detective company. Since the first day of our establishment, we have been providing service to all our customers with a corporate understanding. Our primary goal is to always provide 100% customer satisfaction. We owe ourselves to be an example to Detective Agencies Turkey, with the sense of responsibility that comes with being the first company to start operating in the field of private detective services.

Our Private Detective Services

When it comes to private detective services, a wide range of services can be considered. With our experience of more than 27 years, we can summarize some of the services we offer as follows;

  • Missing Person or Kidnapped Person Finding,
  • Protection of Your Product Brands and Patents,
  • Fraudulent and Fraud Incidents Investigation,
  • Pre-Marriage Background and Financial Status Investigation,
  • Real Estate Investment Consulting Services,
  • Company Establishment Procedures in Turkey,
  • Legal Consultancy Services,
  • Investigation of Insurance Frauds,
  • Heritage and Property Research,
  • Stolen Goods Finding Services,
  • Crime Scene Investigation Services,
  • Corporate Identity Creation Consultancy,
  • Enterprise Risk Analysis Consultancy,
  • Foreigners Counseling,
  • Private Security Consultancy,
  • Bodyguard Services.

Detective Agencies Turkey

Why You Should Choose Our Agency While Looking For Private Detective Agencies Turkey?

Our private detective agency provides 24/7 uninterrupted service to all its clients. Knowing that we will be there for our customers whenever they need it gives them confidence.

We operate by applicable laws in all of our services. We do not accept job offers that do not comply with legal regulations in any way. The fact that we carry out activities following legal regulations also protects you before the law. You may find yourself in the position of the instigator of crime because of the companies that carry out so-called detective activities using illegal means.

We are the only private detective company that has a counter-terrorism specialist and uses surveillance helicopters in its activities when needed.

With our long years of experience in the sector, we have the means, connections, and resources to provide private detective services not only in Turkey but also in almost all countries of the world. This allows us to reach solutions even in the most difficult cases.

All our private detective personnel follow the technological developments closely and take care that the equipment used in the services we provide is the latest technology.

Beware of Fake Detective Agencies Turkey !

Like many people who need private detective services, beware of fake private detective companies that you may come across while searching the internet.

Ask the company from which you want to get private detective service, whether an invoice will be issued for the service provided with information that will reflect its corporate identities, such as chamber of commerce registration information, tax plate, or private detective service contract. Ask about their reference and whether they can offer a money-back guarantee. If possible, prefer companies that have references from your relatives.

Our private detective agency is always ready to provide you with the highest quality private detective service. If you are looking for a Private Detective Agency in Turkey, you can get detailed information about our private detective services by contacting us.