Real Estate Research

You have decided to invest your savings, which you have acquired working for many years, and you will invest in the real estate sector. Have you done Land Real Estate Research before the investment?

Whether you have saved by limiting your income or are in a much better financial situation, many people aim to increase their earnings by using their savings in different sectors. Of course, this makes you a potential target for many scammers.

There are many details you need to review before buying a property. If you consider that you are not constantly dealing with the real estate business, you may easily skip a detail that you need to check during the process. In addition, there is a world bureaucratic process to be carried out in official institutions to carry out these transactions.

Land Real Estate Research Stages

The first thing we will do in real estate purchase transactions is to determine a price for the real estate in question. So, you can decide whether you are paying the right price for the real estate in question or paying more than necessary.

The next step is to examine the title deed records of the real estate in question and to determine possible mortgages and annotations on the title deed. In this way, you can decide whether the real estate in question is suitable for sale and whether the people who will sell the real estate to you are the authorized ones in this regard.

Afterward, the records of the real estate in question at the local administration should be examined and it should be investigated whether it was built following the regulations in force and whether there is a situation contrary to settlement. In this way, you can avoid problems with municipalities in the future.

Finally, the current situation of the real estate should be examined and the required maintenance and modifications should be determined. As a result of this determination, it becomes clear how much cost we are faced with.

After collecting the necessary data, you decide by considering the investment costs, the value of the real estate, and possible costs.

Real Estate Research

Our Services

Above, we tried to briefly describe the process for you. Things are a little more complicated and detailed. Unprofessional eyes are also likely to overlook details. For this reason, if you are going to buy real estate in Turkey, make sure you have a detective agency do the research on the title deed records.

As a Zabata detective company, we go to the land registry offices and municipalities on houses, plots, and buildings;

    • Whether there is a fraud/sale to more than one person in the History Records,
  • Foreclosure Status
  • Whether it is built following the regulations in force,
  • The real appraisal value of the real estate,
  • Whether there is an annotation in the land registry which prevents sale,
  • Detailed photography of the real estate,
  • Whether there is a current tenant in the building,
  • We present our reports to you by making detailed examinations of the possible maintenance and modification needs of the real estate and the determination of its cost.

Contact us before you become a potential victim of fraud. The fee you will pay for the services we will offer you will be a very low amount in addition to the investment you plan to realize and will protect you and your investments.

If you decide to buy real estate in Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Adana, Ankara, Mu─čla, Mersin, or any other province in Turkey, we recommend that you do detailed Land Real Estate Research about these real estates before making the payment.

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