Private Investigator Detective Izmir

Our private investigator agency, which has been providing private investigation services since 1995, has the title of being the first company that comes to mind when Private Investigator Detective Izmir is mentioned. More than 24 years of experience in the private detective industry, hundreds of resolved files, and our 100% customer satisfaction rate are indicators of our service quality.

Our Private Detective company in Izmir offers you private investigation services on many special issues with its experience exceeding 24 years. We can list some of these issues as follows;

  • Spouse and Lover Tracking
  • Case Evidence Collection
  • Contact Tracking – Address Detection
  • Divorce – Custody Evidence Collection,
  • Pre-Marriage Research
  • Child Tracking
  • Institutional and Commercial Research
  • Heritage and Enforcement Studies

Private Investigator Detective Izmir

Important Notice About Choosing The Private Investigator Detective Izmir

Many people today are scammed when trying to purchase investigation services from people who claim to be providing private investigation services. In addition, due to the incompetence or double playing of these malicious people, they are faced with various harms such as disgrace and similar damages, as financial and moral information is leaked to the other party, which cannot be compensated in the future.

People who introduce themselves as private detectives are tried as instigators and sentenced to prison because of their illegal actions. In order not to encounter material and moral damages, you should choose an investigator you will receive private detective service very carefully.

Today, various people and individuals who claim to provide private detective services by presenting themselves as private detectives are defrauding people who have no job, no qualifications, and no qualifications. These malicious people declare that they provide services by the law on phone calls, call transcripts, hotel accommodation records, DNA tests, WhatsApp message contents, message records, criminal records, hidden cameras and voice recording, criminal record records, and similar issues.

In order not to suffer in this way, first of all, visit the people who offer to offer you private detective services in their offices and ask them to provide you with official documents such as tax plate, company records, activity certificates, and references.

Private Detective Fees

Private detective fees are at the top of the list of questions about private detective work. The answer to this curious question concerns all individuals who want to purchase private detective services. Private detective fees vary. Today, the number of private detective companies has increased rapidly. However, some malicious people and people turn this into an opportunity and defraud people who are looking for a solution to their very special problem.

First of all, it should be noted that private detective services do not have a fixed or package fee. People who want to buy a private detective service rightly want to know the price of the private detective service they will buy. Since variables such as the content of the service you request and the duration of the job determine the private detective fee, pricing is usually calculated as an hourly rate based on the estimated completion time of the job.

To get information about the private detective fee and to choose the right private detective company, please contact our agency that first comes to mind when Private Investigator Detective ─░zmir is mentioned.