Personal Investigation

You may have many reasons for having a Personal Investigation study. The reason for this is to get information about the person you plan to start a business with or partner with, to have pre-marital research done about the person you plan to join your life with, to identify the people who bother you on social media or other channels, to learn the address of a specific person, to find out about the person with whom you will conduct commercial activity. There may be many reasons, from research to obtaining information about your competitors in the industry in which you operate.

The purpose of conducting Personal investigations is not to monitor the private lives of individuals or to obtain information about them secretly, but to obtain information before some vital decisions or to protect your loved ones. As Zabata Private Detectives, we pay attention to the privacy of private life in our Personal Investigation activities, and we do not carry out any action contrary to legal regulations.

Why Do People Do Personal Investigation?

Consider a situation where loved ones, such as your child, are studying abroad. Almost every day, we hear much bad news about drug addiction, which is the scourge of the age. Substance addiction has nearly decreased to the level of secondary education with increasing accessibility. So, can you be sure that your precious children are safe on this journey for education? You may want to research to find out who he is friends with and whether he is involved in any bad habits.

Personal Investigation

Let’s say you are one step away from the marriage that has been your dream for many years. Do you know enough about the person next to you? Does he have any other relationships, bad habits such as alcohol, drugs, or gambling, does he tell you the facts financially, can he be overly indebted, does he tell you the truth about his education and family, and many more details? You may want to do pre-marital research before making an important decision such as marriage.

Imagine that you have a condition and need a surgical procedure. Do you have enough information about the hospital you have chosen for the surgery or the doctors who will attend your surgery? You may want to research information like the success rate of the said hospital or surgeons regarding the surgical procedure in question, if there is a faulty event that has happened before, or if there is an incorrect intervention situation.

Zabata Private Detective Privileges

As Zabata Private Detective Office, there is no limit to the Personal Investigation studies we carry out. We may give many more examples as listed above. For this reason, the private detective fee we set for our Personal Investigation service varies due to the diversity and scope of these activities, the type of research activity, and service time.

Due to the diversity of personal research activities and our belief in the confidentiality of the situation, our professional private detective team at Zabata private detective office provides information during the face-to-face meeting about the scope, estimated completion time, and cost of the personal investigation activity.

You can make an appointment by calling our Zabata Private Detective agency to learn about your Person Research requests and our private detective fees. We are just a phone call away to support you.

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