Fraud Investigation Turkey

Document forgery, which is a type of fraud at a basic level, is generally done for personal gain, usually for financial income. If you suspect forgery in the documents submitted to you, you can contact us and get support from our Fraud Investigation Turkey Private Detective team.

Since 1995, we have all the necessary equipment to protect you against fraudulent activities with the confidence and knowledge of being the leading company in the private detective sector for more than 25 years, and we are always at your side.

There are some components of document forgery which describe fraud in general. We can summarize them as follows;

  • The three main ways of fraud defined in legislation are misrepresentation, incomplete information delivery, or misconduct.
  • Fraud
  • Intention to gain or harm oneself or another

An example situation is an employee who makes false claims for travel expenses. Your employee travels frequently with his vehicle due to work and prepares a monthly form detailing his expenses. In line with this form, you pay your employee. One day, this employee of yours may start getting fit to earn more money than the actual travel expenses. This is an example of fraud. It includes all the elements of forgery (especially fraud by misrepresentation) in the documents mentioned above; to gain financial revenue, your employee wants to trick you into believing that he is paying you a higher amount than he spent.

When those who commit fraudulent documents are successful, this results in the loss of financial resources of your company. The amount of this can sometimes be small amounts as we have exemplified above, or there may be different fraud crimes that may cause you to lose much higher amounts.

Fraud Investigation Turkey

Fraud and Economic Crime

Fraud by forging documents is part of ‘financial crime’. Bribery and corruption are also part of financial crime.

Bribery and corruption involve offering, promising, or giving payment or another benefit to persuade others to improperly use their position to gain an advantage.

What Do You Do If  You Need Fraud Investigation Turkey?

If you have any doubts or concerns about fraud, bribery, and corruption affecting your company, you can get help by contacting the Zabata private detective agency. All the works we carry out in this context are carried out with great sensitivity to protect the reputation of you and your company.

If you are unsure whether fraud or other economic crime has been committed, do not worry. If something makes you suspicious or worried and you think it may be fraud, bribery, or corruption affecting your company, contact us immediately. We will make the necessary investigations with our Fraud Investigation Private Detective team and report to you whether this is a fraud (or other economic crime) and needs to be investigated.

Zabata Private Detective Agency is always with you to inform you whether an official document presented to you in Turkey is fake or not.

Zabata Fraud Investigation Private Detective team examines whether documents such as accident reports, title deed records, diplomas, hospital reports, identity information, marriage reports, money, driver’s licenses, company personal invoices reflect the truth, and a detailed report is made to you.

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